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Ahmedpp.120-122(1)_2.pdf and Ahmedpp.73-76.pdf

Leila Ahmed          pp. 73-76 (“Transitions”) and pp. 120-122 (“Harem”) of A Border Passage

Write a 3 page essay analyzing and responding to the excerpt attached.  

Your analysis should focus on the purpose and audience of the selected passages and their function in the work as a whole, as well their function in relation to each other.

 Your response should focus on your perspective on the topic, how it is similar to or different from the writer’s and how it shapes your appreciation of the work and your desire to read the book from which the excerpts are taken.


Before you write your paper, you should be able to answer the following questions, using examples from the excerpt to illustrate your answers.


How do these passages seem to fit into the work as a whole?  (What happens before or after the selected passages?  What stories are told?  What kind of background information is provided?)

Which parts of the narrative are presented in dramatic scenes, and which

are summaries of events?

Who is the primary intended audience, and how can you tell?

Comment on the writer’s use of language and the tone it creates.

 How are these excerpts different from each other?   How are they connected? How does one excerpt prepare the reader for the other?


Why did you choose to write on these passages?

How is your perspective similar to and/or different from the writer’s?

Do you consider yourself part of the intended audience?

How did the selected excerpts spark your interest in the book from which they were taken?

What did you admire most about this writer’s approach and style? How did these readings help you prepare for Essay 1?

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