Response and answer questions

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For this assignment you will respond to the following withe 100 words and you will answer the questions with 100 words each for a total of 300 words:

The final chapters of Blind spots will begin with the question are Americans racist. The author will start with some historical facts to compare the racism that existed in the past and how we still see it in the present. Mahzarin states that our past racism has gone under hiding in many way’s but is still found in many areas like, employment, housing, healthcare, and has evolved in a way that author Greg Lukianoff explains as micro aggression. As we infuse these authors we can see,the cause,the affect,the evolution of racism and the effort to stop or minimize it with different methods of studies and tests. Micro aggression is a type of mindbug explained as an unconscious racist affront that causes people to make involuntary comments that trigger negative offensive reactions so both authors are covering the area’s of bias and racism from different perspectives.

Q.1) What micro aggression areas do you struggle with, if not, how have you been able to avoid it?

Q.2) In page 181 of Blind spot, why do you think that the black children prefered to play with white dolls over black dolls.

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