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Your response should be at least 250 words, and it should include:

What you found interesting about the article

Whether you think the research reported in the article is useful, and to whom (give reasons for your opinion)

What questions the article raises in your mind — questions that might be answered by further research

Write in complete sentences. Use correct spelling, grammar, capitalization and punctuation. Grading criteria will include the insights you express as well as how well you follow directions.

“Advertising, consumers, research and marketing are vivid examples of public relations. Experts will develop better strategies to do some research and experiments to investigate behaviors of customers to know the inner cause of those behaviors.

In Keeping It Real in Experimental Research–Understanding When, Where, and How to Enhance Realism and Measure Consumer Behavior, researchers want to make an experiment to find out two causes to make consumer research reliable and realistic (MORALES).

Customers have different default positions when they are shopping, they will have different default values of same products. When experts want to design experiments to make survey and have broader knowing of consumers’ needs, they need to use suitable experimental methods to make it more reliable. (Carmon)

Realistic experimental designs and measuring actual behavior is significant for consumer research. They use qualitative research method to investigate the result. In this experiment, the experts choose reliable independent variables and dependent variables to show the different goals of consumers. In experimental process, they think they need to make the experiment more realistic to make sure the behaviors of consumers are close to reality. Though this way, researchers can gather more realistic data and deduct more real consumer behaviors and thinking.

They will develop a new theory and test the legitimacy of a theory in this experiment. They can control experiment results by regulating attention, switching rule and so on. (Pocheptsova) they will gather data by observing changes in the experiment. They read a lot of documents to know how to process the experiment. They can measure attention by tracking eye movement (Pieters). They also know that some movements may influence their experiment, like nonconscious social mimicry (Tanner).

In research, researchers can choose different degrees of using realism and behavioral dimensions. Those strategies are not required in behavioral experiments but they can help a lot by making people have more vivid behaviors.

In conclusion, they will use artificial and stylized conditions to measure the reaction of consumers. Consumers or participants can have more measurable and controllable and real reaction to help researchers summarized more accurate results and provide deeper understanding of consumer behavior.”

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