Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words

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Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

  • How have you seen an organization’s innovation, or lack of it, affect their success? Provide specific examples.
  • What is the role of the manager in an organization’s innovation?

Kenneth Hynes

Respond to the following in a minimum of 100 words:

Hello Class,

In my experiences I have been a part of successful innovation and unsuccessful innovation. The failures mostly occur when an organization does not institute continuous improvements. There are three things that every organization strives for, increased revenue, profit, and market share. Lack of innovation occurs when organizations do not find ways to increase revenue and profit. A major part of that growth is with market share. Placing your product in the marketplace, having your business partners promote that product, and finding ways to market the product in the right places is key to success. It is one example of innovation.

Managers are responsible for caring out and executing the organizations business and growth plan. Managers are responsible for celebrating the success and attacking the challenges. In order to keep innovation souring in a positive direction, those challenges need to be addressed. A lot of times it is easy to overcome the challenges but sometimes it is not. Managers can learn from their competitors when the challenges arise. Some organizations mirror competition or use those competitors as a road to the right direction.

Kywambia King

Respond to the following in a minimum of 100 words:

There are many varying issues that managers must face daily. After all, managers have the responsibility of both driving leadership agendas, as well as managing the daily challenges of the frontline. Employees from all levels have valuable insight and ideas on their respective fields, and often on larger scale matters too. There are indeed multiple reasons for why middle management might be a bottleneck for innovation in your organization. It might be due to their inability to motivate the frontline to contribute their insights or it might simply be because they, usually inadvertently, work as a two-sided barrier for information flow. The findings reveal that management involvement has a positive and significant impact on all dimensions of innovation featured. Implementing open innovation requires a shift in mindset and a change in culture. It requires individuals to be open for external ideas and to share knowledge. Motivating employees to act on issues they face is the key in assuring that you’re getting all the ideas out there. For this to happen, it’s important to promote transparency and participation on all fronts.

Isomäki, A. (n.d.). The Role of Middle Management in Innovation. Retrieved from…

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