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During the outbreak at the Watersedge scenario, the nurse was able to help out by quickly responding to the spread of the illness. Cases had to be reviewed, and the nurse was able to make connections based on where each patient had been or where each patient had recently drank and eaten from. The nurse is able to identify possible sources and make recommendations of the disease transmission. While examining each possible source of transmission, water samples were collected from each site. After the collected samples were tested, it was found that the leading factors from the contaminated groundwater, from the well to the drinking fountains were heavy rains, water runoff from cattle farm, parasites in the well, and malfunctioning fountain filter. Nurses are then able to educate patients on this knowledge and treat them based on these findings. Determining the infection source was the main concern in the Watersedge scenario in order to prevent future outbreaks from occurring.


I think that the most important skill that the nurse brings his his/expertise. The nurse on an almost daily basis is constant contact with the patient. He/she is trained to use their skills in trying to figure out what is going on with the patient by using clues and asses in how to assist them. The nurse will be able to put in their input on how we can all, as health care professionals, assist each other. I like the way it was worded by, interdisciplinary, or multidisciplinary, client care conferences also give the registered nurse the opportunity to advocate for the client, to serve as the leader of an interdisciplinary group, to serve as a member of an interdisciplinary group, to enhance the nurse’s commitment to clients and client care, to employ group skills such as negotiation, compromise, conflict resolution, and achieving consensus, and to utilize creative problem solving and decision making skills to achieve desired patient outcomes and goals (Writers, 2019). That statement was very well put.


Writers, R. N. S. (2019, July 26). Collaboration with Interdisciplinary Team: NCLEX-RN. Retrieved from

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