Respond to post 250 word min Part I: Briefly discuss the working thesis and model of your proposed research topic and your impetus for this topic. At this point in time, which is early in the process

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Respond to post 250 word min

Part I: Briefly discuss the working thesis and model of your proposed research topic and your impetus for this topic.

At this point in time, which is early in the process of my dissertation, I feel the working thesis and model of my proposed research topic will be the filling-the-gap-model. According to (Greene & Lidinsky, 2021), “the gap model pointes to what other writers may have overlooked or ignored in discussing a given issue. The gap model typically makes a claim of value.” The topic of research I am currently planning is employee engagement in emergency services personnel through different leadership styles. Many styles of leadership are utilized in today’s emergency services field, however, many times the incorrect leadership style is utilized due to what managers have been taught or shown throughout their career. Today’s firefighters and paramedics are not the firefighters and paramedics of the 90’s. We have to research comparative analysis on managers’ self-awareness involving mental and physical attributes along with their emotional intelligence. We have to revise the way managers are assessed and promoted within emergency service agencies. My motivation is to assist future executives in assessing individuals for managerial positions for the right reasons and not what we think it right.

Part II: On June 11, 2020, Dr. Andrew Gelman, Professor of Statistics and Political Science and Director of the Applied Statistics Center at Columbia University, posted a blog on the peer-review process. Review his comments and those of others. Regarding academic research, discuss who is responsible for the quality of the research? Is it the authors or researchers or the peer reviewers of the academic journal or the academic journal?

My belief is the author has the overarching responsibility to ensure the quality of the research and the work of the team meet the expectations to address the problem statement. Now this does not allow the rest of the team to escape from their responsibilities as well. As academia personnel we all have the responsibility. The researchers have the responsibility to ensure their research is ethical, safe, and compliant to support the problem statement and to review all hypothesis involved. When it comes to peer reviewers it is important, they understand the field of study and the problem statement as a whole. It can become a problem if the peer reviewers have questionable backgrounds or understanding of the research subject. “Research indicates that peer reviewer recommendations have a direct influence on editorial decisions. This becomes a problem when the quality of peer reviewer is questionable or a peer reviewer become biased as a functionality” (Glonti, et al. 2019, p. 7).

Part III: Some people believe that poor writing in a peer-reviewed paper is a reflection on the writer. Others believe it is a reflection on the journal and its editors. What are your thoughts? Why?

I believe a poor article can reflect on all parties involved. However, the author should ensure before sending his article forward for peer review that they have had the article reviewed by other parties as well, to include the researchers. When coming across a poor peer reviewed article, I believe the author did not ensure they had their work reviewed by those who did not have direct interest in the work. Many times, we get so close to our work and passions, we miss the most important aspects or communication styles that many times are missing. We have to be aware of our blind spots and allow others to point out what we missed, so it can be corrected. I am sure there are instances where journal editors have changed the authors work all around and made changes to the work, in the spirit of transparency, any professional editor would consult with the author before doing so. We have all the responsibility and as a future author, I will ensure that my expectations are outlined during the work and before printing.

Though Provoking Question: Is anyone in our class planning on taking their work past manuscript publication towards an educational book for your field of service or within the business field?

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