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Research Proposal PowerPoint Presentation

This assignment engages information from the previous assignments that helped you complete the final paper in Unit 9 and supporting information for your final PowerPoint Presentation in this unit. This final presentation uses your previous research from the course to provide a slightly different perspective on the topic you have researched; it may be used to pique the interest and support from others.

You will use a PowerPoint format to present information to stakeholders to encourage their investment in your research topic. The presentation will consist of 12 slides that explain the need for the research and why it is important in the study of human behavior, especially adult development and aging. Creating relevance to the topic for the stakeholders will require that you focus on helping them understand the importance of your proposed research topic and the challenges you will face that require support from them.

As professionals in the field, we often must seek stakeholders and gather resources to support our research. You will use the detailed research you have completed for this paper to provide a presentation designed to encourage stakeholder interest by providing the most relevant information from your research. Including specifics on diverse areas of mental and physical health, gender, education, individualism, approaches to health care, and other relevant aspects will provide a broad focus on the multiple variables of interest to whomever you would present this information.


Your choice of audience—your stakeholder group—should be one of the key factors that determines how you share your information. Different stakeholders may have different backgrounds, skills, and experience. Some may find it difficult to accept new ideas initially. Your best bet may be to introduce new ideas gradually and to help your audience consider your ideas before they are asked to move ahead to implementation.

Note: SafeAssign is required for this assignment.

  1. Identify community stakeholder groups that may be interested in your topic.
  2. Identify the outcomes they would expect and focus on the information that might be most important to their decision to support your work.
  3. Consider the common interests you have with stakeholders and how your focus could create involvement and acceptance of your idea for research.
  4. Create a 12-slide PowerPoint presentation that highlights the salient points of your research that will generate active interest from a specific group of stakeholders.
  5. Develop a title slide, introduction, summary, and reference slides for your work.
  6. Condense your information and follow guidelines for concise presentations that limit the amount of text and supporting images to broad, key points that are easy to follow.
  7. Use notes on the bottom of your content slides that detail the intent of the slide and why the information is valuable to the stakeholder.
  8. Reread your draft and make any changes or additions needed to address the following:
    • Review the scoring guide to make sure that you are addressing the criteria that will be applied to grade your paper.
    • Review the additional requirements for the assignment to make sure that you have met them as well.

The presentation you submit should include the following:

  • Title slide.
  • Introduction slide.
  • Information slides with notes on the bottom.
  • Conclusion slide.
  • Reference slide (with APA formatting).

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