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Topic: Leptis magna. The below website may help develop an idea about the cite so you can write a proposal paper about it.

Please prepare a two-page, double- spaced research proposal that will outline the scope of your project. The idea here is to articulate a sense of the set of questions and problems that you are interested in pursuing, so as to develop for yourself a research path. In order to do this, I want you to address the following questions: What drew you to the site that you selected? What is it about the site that you have selected that is so intriguing? What are you trying to explain or understand about your selected site? What do you see as the historical significance of the site? What might your site help us to understand about our common human history? What potential difficulties to you envision confronting in the course of this project? Is there something about the site that you have selected that is problematic in any way?

As a part of your proposal, you will also include a working bibliography of the secondary sources (both monographs and journal articles) you might need to consider in order to finalize your research and your paper. This bibliography is to include at least six sources, with a good balance of both monographs and articles. The bibliography should be formatted according to The Chicago Manual of Style.

Answer that you might need for what drew me to choose this cite?

– Because I am from there and when I visited it the last time it was very non taking care of and that’s what drew me to select this cite.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Also please give me your best excellent quality paper

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