Research Paper:

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Research Paper: On

aviation carriers/industries workplace discrimination antitrust matters

Research Paper Assignment Introduction

This course requires a comprehensive

four to six page

(of text/body, i.e. exclusive of title page, abstract, reference pages, etc.) research paper on a topic of your choice related to course objectives. The topic chosen must relate to business legal and/or ethical subjects/issues covered in the assigned reading material (e.g., contracts, torts, product liability, the environment,

workplace discrimination, antitrust matters

, securities, etc.). The topic should be one that is current, or has been in the news within the previous 18 months and is ongoing. The topic should be one that touches on statutory, regulatory, and/or judicial activity, preferably with some aspects of each. Research topics relevant to real-world

aviation carriers/industries are encouraged

. The paper will include the following: text/body with a title page, abstract, and reference page(s).

Federal Regulations, Ethics, and the Legal System

Written Document Standards

The standards for the research paper are as follows:

 Submit an original paper (one written by the student that has not been previously submitted to fulfill a requirement for another course).  Apply APA style rules; use the current edition of the APA publication manual for guidelines.  Observe written assignment formatting requirements: Times New Roman font, 12-pt font size, double-spaced text, with numbered pages.  The paper must be grammatically sound and free of spelling errors. See the Resources area in the course for helpful writing skills websites.  Save your document as one of the following acceptable file types: .doc, .docx, or .rtf.  Provide a cover page containing the name of course, title of paper, student name, and date.  Include a reference page, formatted to APA style requirements.  Adhere to the minimum/maximum paragraph or page number requirements as specified in each assignment. Do not count the cover page or the references page as part of the minimum total

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