Research crucial element supporting claims

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please write one and half paragraph of each stages

Research is a crucial element to supporting a claim you may be making. Describe what your research process is by answering the questions below.

1. What is your process for finding quality research?

2. Where do you typically start your research?

3. How do you organize your research?

4. How do you check the validity of your source’s author?

Explain in detail what your writing process is.How do you go about the brainstorming phase to revision stage?Be specific.

Identify one of your favorite television commercials. Include a brief description of the product’s name, a brief summary of the ad, and a few reasons why you like it. Then, review your peers’ posts and discuss why different people are drawn to different or similar commercials. Do the commercials target a particular audience(s)? How do advertisers use audience awareness to successfully sell their product?

Online communication has become increasingly common. Why is netiquette critical for professional and personal success? What do you do to ensure your writing follows the netiquette guidelines listed in the handout in the LP4 Learning Activities #2

The LP5 Learning Plan focuses on the writing strategy of comparing/contrasting. Reflect on how your life will be once you graduate with your degree compared to your current status. What will your job be like? What will your family life be like? How will you feel professionally or personally once Think about a positive choice you made in your life. Reflect on the effects resulting for this decision. Compose a post detailing that decision and the positive effects (to the degree you feel comfortable with). How has this decision impacted other decisions?you walk across the graduation stage and have your degree?

What strategies or skills you have learned in this course that you will take with you in your future courses or professional life? What advice would you offer to incoming Composition I students? Be specific

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