research and PowerPoint

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I need you to do research and write about whats need down also I need after writing the papers to do PowerPoint about it at least 4 slides and outline so I can present it. and make sure you included all things asked down

please no copy from online


Proposed statement: you need to develop a company for people who can’t smell properly.

The guidelines for the project are as follows:

1.) Identify the most critical questions/issues that drive current research or the most important unanswered questions for the topic

2.) Select one of the questions/issues related to the topic and address this issue using your knowledge of materials, i.e. design an implant or biomaterial system that would help to address the unanswered question/issue related to your topic.

3.) How would you manufacture the implant? Which characterization techniques would you use and why?)

4.) Describe how your implant would specifically address the question/issue. How you would determine whether it has the ability to address the issue.

Please address these questions in 5-6 pages essay, which includes the following sections:

  • Abstract
  • Introduction (with critical issues identified)
  • Problem statement (what issue will you focus on and why you selected it)
  • Implant design section à(what materials are going to use for the design?)
  • Analysis the topic
  • Highlights recent researches
  • Conclusion

Note: 5-6 references are required

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