research analysis

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  • When you review the parent involvement study (Deslandes & Bertrand, 2005), you notice the researchers state a finding in paragraph 27:

“Parents’ perceptions of students’ invitations in the social domain was the most powerful predictor; it accounted for an additional 28% of the variance (beta = .35, p < .001).” From looking at the p value you would conclude:

  • that the results were statistically significant.
  • that the probability alpha level was set too low.
  • that the authors should have set an exact p
  • that the partial results indicated a significant p value of .001.
  • Examine the following results reported in another quantitative study:

“The scores varied for band members (M=3.5), choir members (M=3.9), and for student athletes (M=5.4) for attitudes toward engaging in school activities during the 3-5 p.m. period of time. A comparison of the groups, at an alpha of .05, showed a statistically significant difference among the three groups, F(3,8)=9.87, p = .031, effect size = .91 SD.”

As you examine this statement, which of the following are true? (choose 2)

  • The null hypothesis was rejected.
  • The level of significance showed a probability of rejection set at 5 out of 100 time
  • The statistics test used was a t-test.
  • The magnitude of differences among the groups was more than one standard deviation.
  • Band members differed significantly from student athletes in their attitudes.
  • Read through the following transcript passage:


1 The traffic was light on the outskirts of town as I drove the small

2 rented car back to my home. As I neared, I found myself talking

3 to myself in an uncharacteristic way, “Do you really want to do this?”

4 I knew that it would be traumatic to visit my home after 50 years. This

5 old house was where my mother died. She worked for a couple of

6 years in the elementary school just one short block away. I often

7 wondered what she was like as a teacher, how she played the piano,

8 and how she interacted with the kids. I’ll never know, but I might

9 catch glimpses of it if I go into the old school, check in at the desk

10 and ask anyone if they know what the building was like 50 years ago.

11 Maybe I’ll find someone who has a picture.

Identify two code words that you might record to capture the meaning

of this passage. Also, identify the text segments for each code and indicate the

number of the lines:

  • First code word(s) __________________
  • First code word(s) lines _______________
  • Second code word(s) _________________
  • Second code word(s) lines _____________

APA reference for the article is

Deslandes, R., & Bertrand, R. (2005). Motivation of parent involvement in secondary-level schooling. In J. W. Creswell, Educational Research: Planning, conducting, and evaluating quantitative and qualitative research (5th ed.) (pp. 29-41). Bonston, MA: Pearson. (Reprinted from Journal of Educational Research, 98(33), pp. 164–175)

APA reference for the text book is:

Creswell, J.
(2015). Educational research: Planning, conducting, and evaluating
quantitative and qualitative research.
(5th ed). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson

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