Research about a film and answer the questions.

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For your this week Assignment you will choose ONE film that is a known motion picture that you enjoy.

For this week’s assignment you will choose ONE film that is a known
motion picture that you enjoy and deals with an aspect(s) of
Multicultural issues. The film can be a current/recent film or a film
that is from a different era of the last 60-70 years. It can be a
Drama, Tragedy, Historical Narrative, or a Comedy if the comedy that
looks to make a point and comment about culture and society.

This film should have something to say about societal, cultural,
political, racial, religious or relational issues that we may be dealing
with today or have dealt with as a nation. The thrust and emphasis of
the story for your film should surround a topic that we have been
wrestling with so far in this course. Issues may include African
American issues, education, Asian American issues, poverty, immigration,
racial history in America, assimilation, films that deal with the rise
and individuals of the LGBTQ movement or films that deal with social
change, political change, ethnic or racial problems, historical looks at
our past and the wrongs we may have done and what we learn now. Choose a film YOU want to watch and can be passionate about.

There are 20 Questions. This is worth 100 pts.

Please reflect on our previous lesson #5 where we discussed Play (Hodge) analysis for your midterm assignment.

As your watching the film, answer the
questions below to the best of your ability. Your answers should explain
how well you understand the story, the plot, its structure, the
characters and the relevant action of the story/film. Please spend time
with your answers. These questions require some thought. You must
express how you believe your conclusions to these questions impact the
action of the story and the characters.

As a note… most of the Oscar movies from last year all deal with one of these issues and could be a great choice as one of your films to study.

But you select a movie of your choice and that you would enjoy!

TITLE OF FILM: _______________________________________

Given Circumstances:

1. Geographical location, including climate:

2. Date; year, season, time of day:

3. Economic environment (What is the ECONOMY like for the Characters? How does it affect them?)

4. Political environment (Who is IN- CHARGE in the relationships? Who or what has the power?)

5. Social environment (what are the characters
SOCIAL NORMS? How/who do they CONDUCT themselves with? How does that
affect the story)

6. Religious environment (what effect does RELIGION/ FAITH or the LACK OF RELIGION/FAITH play and affect your story?)

Play Structure

7. Who is the Protagonist and what does he or she ultimately want or hopes to achieve by the end of the story? (Their “Super Objective”?)

8. Who is the Antagonist and what does he or she ultimately want or hopes to achieve by the end of the story? (Their “Super Objective”?)

9. List the Inciting Event (the event before the story starts that sets up the action.)

10. List the Stasis (how does the world of the story open and exist?)

11. List the Intrusion (that moment or event that provokes the present action into motion // breaks the stasis)

12. List events in the story of the Rising Action. (The dramatic events leading to climax)

13. List the major Crisis moment(s) 6-8 examples

14. List the Climax

15. List the Resolution // The Return to Stasis ( the way the world is now)

CONCLUSIONS: (Please flesh out your
conclusions and explain how your conclusions affect the overall
idea and intent of the film-makers.)

1. How does the clash of desire,
will, and objective between the Protagonist and the Antagonists help
provide the dramatic conflict for the story and shape the overall idea
of the film and the film makers intent?

2. In your opinion, what is the major social, political, cultural or relational issue that this film is speaking to and why? What
do you believe is the overriding point or theme of your film and what
you believe the filmmakers are trying to convey about that issue?

3. Do you believe that this film can help with the issue(s) and conversations about what the film speaks to? Why or why not?

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