Res week 1

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Submit a 2- to 3-page paper that includes the following:

· Summaries of the two interventions and their respective research regarding effectiveness

· Recommendations for Tiffani’s social worker that address the following:

· Factors to consider when choosing between the two interventions

· The social work skills that the staff would require to implement the intervention

· The training required to implement each intervention

· An evaluation of evidenced-based practice based on your reaction to the experience, in which you address the following questions:

· Would you, as a beginning researcher, have enough knowledge to benefit from researching evidence-based practices? Why or why not?

· How might the research that you conducted increase your confidence in the intervention with Tiffani?

· Is the information provided enough to make a decision regarding interventions? Why or why not?

· Appropriate APA citations in your writing

Bradley Family Episode 4

Bradley Family Episode 4
Program Transcript

FEMALE SPEAKER: I know it’s here somewhere. I was just looking at it. Ah.
Here it is. Tiffany says that over the last several years she’s used crack, meth,
oxy, marijuana. Here. The list goes on.

FEMALE SPEAKER: Well, is she attending NA yet?

FEMALE SPEAKER: I’ve been hesitant to have her do that.


FEMALE SPEAKER: Well, she already has her hands full. Three rests in two
years, emotional and physical abuse growing up, and she still isn’t free of her
pimp. It’s just a lot to ask of her to also start going to NA, especially since we
really don’t know how effective those 12-step programs really are.

FEMALE SPEAKER: What do you mean?

FEMALE SPEAKER: I don’t know if I’ve seen any research to support it. Have

FEMALE SPEAKER: You have to be kidding. 12-step programs are the gold

FEMALE SPEAKER: But the research–

FEMALE SPEAKER: Look at the drugs she’s been abusing. You’re telling me this
doesn’t make her a candidate for the primary approach for treating addiction?
You can supplement it with other approaches, but the 12-step program is the
foundation for everything else.

FEMALE SPEAKER: I don’t agree. I think some of this depends on the client.
And in Tiffany’s case, the research–

FEMALE SPEAKER: No. You’re not hearing me. Research and practice are two
very different things. I think you should get Tiffany into NA. And do it soon.

Bradley Family Episode 4
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Bradley Family Episode 4

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Brian Kline and Nico Danks

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