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In this passage, we have two characters: Gregor and Gregor’s father. It seems as though there is a struggle for Gregor. The passage states that on one side Gregor;s legs were dangling in mid-air while, on the other side his legs were being crushed against the floor. Following this description, one would be lead to assume that Gregor is struggling with something. This seems as though the author is symbolizing a struggle that Gregor is going through. It seems as though Gregor is struggling between feeling as though he is completely powerless and not in control (legs dangling) and feeling as though the weight of life is crushing him down into the floor. His father seems to have some sort of role within this struggle. The passage states that the father is making a lot of noises and shoving him. In some ways it seems as though his father may be the antagonist in this passage. That he is the stress in Gregor’s life that is crushing him. However, I feel as though his father is the driving force that helps him to reach a place of peace, even though he did have to endure some pain to get there. At the end of the passage it states that his father shoved him through the door and slammed the door. It states that he was bleeding, but” at last there was silence.” When the author uses the dictation “at last”; that seems to point toward a feeling of relief. Therefore; I am assuming that his father did create some of the stress that he is referencing at the beginning of the passage, but he is also the one that delivers Gregor to a place of peace at the end of the passage, but not without causing some serious pain to get there.

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