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To earn higher scores on the discussion board, please do the following:

  • Read the grading rubric carefully to learn how to earn more points
  • Write your response in PIE formed academic paragraphs
  • Use direct quotes from the reading to support each idea you put forth
  • Include correct MLA citations and references in your response
  • Meet or exceed the 300 word count for your initial post
  • Engage in meaningful and academic conversations with other classmates, rather than just an affirmations
  • Exceed in quality and quantity on the board .

student discussion

1- There are always events that are covered through the news and those events are usually ones that are important to us as a nation and everyone should always be properly informed on these national affairs. In an article from The Odyssey titled, “Why Keeping Up With The News Is Important”, by Taylor Harries talks about the importance of being informed on current events. “Keeping up with the news is important because of the issues that are present in this day in age. Social media talks about what is happening with the Kardashians or drama between two celebrities, but I rarely find information on social media that talks about important issues in today’s world. It is important to stay up to date with current events so you can be an informed citizen. Learning about the news opens up your mind to everything that is happening. You can find out about how different somebody’s life is compared to yours in another part of your state, country, or world” (Harris). Harris states in his article that being an informed citizen opens your mind to the things that are happening around you. You should always be aware of the events that are happening around you, especially when they involve your country because something that is happening today could affect the way you live in the future. Harris also mentions that if we did not have the news, we would only be informed of the events happening close to where we live instead of the events happening overseas.

I used the PIE writing process to ensure that I stay on topic with my argument, added relevant information and analyzed the relevant information to make sure it correlated with the overall argument.

Works Cited

Harris, Taylor. “Why Keeping Up With The News Is Important.” The Odyssey Online, Odyssey, 30 Aug. 2017,

2- On campus the students and the faculty tend to disregard recycling guidelines, the campus must offer a program that both must participate in this. This program should help to students and faculty understand the essential to be awareness of pollution and should development the motivation to take care our environmental. According to a study by Columbia University explains that every year 90 percent of all raw materials extracted in the U.S. Those materials should be reused to make new products, but because they’re destroyed, more and more natural resources are extracted every day ( to an external site.). If students and faculty understand the effects that produce not following the recycling guidelines, such as damage our air, the oceans, our water, so is probably that they become more consciences about it. Students and faculty must understand that, when they are recycling are helping to produce more products and helps to protect our world. Have a program on campus for follow the recycling guidelines can help to create conscience on students and faculty about it, and this can help to protect our environmental.

For made this paragraph I look again a guideline that teacher give to us where explain how to make a PIE paragraph, P – Point, I – Information, E – Explanation. Also I need to look what different point can be development with this topic and pick up one that I wanted to development in a paragraph.

3- Page 39 Activity 2

A. The failure of recycling efforts on campus.

Purpose: to explain why students and faculty tend to disregard recycling guidelines.

I chose Illustration as the pattern of development because for this specific example to prove my point I would be using specific examples of students and faculty and give advice on how other students and faculty can go green!

Thesis statement: Students and faculty need to understand the effects of not recycling bottles and cans.

B. The worst personality trait that a teacher, parent, boss, or friend can have.

Purpose: to poke fun at this personality trait.

I chose description for this one because to prove my point I would be describing a trait that a person would have.

Thesis statement: The worst personality trait that a person can have is being one-sided.

C. The importance of being knowledgeable about national affairs.

Purpose: to convince students to stay informed about current events.

I chose narration because I would use real events to prove my point on why it is important to stay informed of current events.

Thesis statement: National affairs effect everyone and people need to stay up to date on these affairs.

The worst personality trait that a teacher, parent, boss, or friend can have is being one-sided. This is the worst trait to have because it is impossible for someone who is one-sided to understand anyone else’s points of view, as people we are not always right, and someone else may have an easier way of doing something and a one-sided person isn’t going to listen. It is important to be open minded and listen to what others have to say. An open minded person can easily listen to other people’s opinions without getting upset and may even see the issue differently. A one-sided person isn’t going to grow mentally because they refuse to listen to others opinions no matter how great they are. We are human and we make mistakes. It is important to sit and be able to listen to other people when we are wrong so they can help us correct the problem or mistake. If you are not willing to listen to other people then you can may end up with serious consequences such as making a mistake at work and losing your job or even causing some type of accident all because your not willing to listen to anybody. There may be an easier way to do something that isn’t as hard or time consuming and a one-sided person is not going to be willing to sit and listen because they want to do it their way. This is really important for work or even saving yourself time. A lot of jobs expect a lot of work to be done during the time you are there so finding a fast and efficient way to do something is a life saver. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and only those who are open-minded will learn from others opinions and experiences.

4- On most campuses recycling, whether done by students or staff, is never done to the extent intended. If recycling is done efficiently on a college campus there would be a multitude of benefits for the environment and students attending the school. A great example of how students could possibly benefit from better recycling is shown here on the article “Recycling Benefits: The Many Reasons Why” by the National Recycling Coalition, “Two years after calling recycling a $40 million drain on the city, New York City leaders realized that a redesigned, efficient recycling system could actually save the city $20 million and they have now signed a 20-year recycling contract.” (NRC). The NRC is giving the reader an outcome in direct correlation with efficient recycling efforts; although a school and city are different, they can still be used in comparison. Similar to a school a city has a budget to follow and depending on how much is spent on annual repairs or building taxes can and will rise, similar to how depending on campus upgrades and expenses tuition could potentially fluctuate. In theory if a college decided to initiate a strict recycling system the school would not only save money on renewable resources, but could also save money on clean up and repair projects due to lack of student participation in recycling efforts. With this newly saved money the school could fund classroom upgrades, wage raises, and tuition reduction.

I used the PIE process by initially introducing the topic of the paragraph which was recycling and how it could be improved, I then went into detail by providing facts on how recycling has saved major cities millions of dollars and could potentially do the same for a school campus, finally I gave an in depth explanation to my quotation by providing examples of how recycling can positively impact both students and staff.

5-Being knowledgeable about national affairs is important, as a student you should be aware of what is happening in the world around you. Today it is easy to access national affairs, you can watch the news or download a news app. A major benefit to being knowledgeable in current affairs is practicing your critical thinking skills.

Critical thinking skills are the way you analyze and come up with your own opinion about a subject, these skills are acquired over time through practice. Knowing about national affairs helps develop these skills. For example, a story in the news now is about the building of a border wall. Should we build one or look for other ways to secure our border? There are many opinions, facts and statistics to support reasons to build the wall. There is an equal amount of reasons not to build. When you read or hear about a national affair like this you’re hearing facts, statistics and forming your own opinion, allowing you to decide for yourself what you believe. According to a study done by MindEdge, many millennials lack critical thinking skills. Only 24% of students are able to spot fake news. This percentage is alarming. Critical thinking skills are used in all aspects of your life from deciding how you feel about political issues or how to help your friend with a serious personal problem. It is so important to know how to sift through facts, lies and statistics to come up with your own opinion.

National affairs can be accessed many different ways it is important that you are proactive in staying up to date. Every time you hear or read a story you are practicing your critical thinking skills. National affairs cover politics, economy, religion, and social issues. These topics help to develop your critical thinking skills by allowing you to hear information and come up you’re your own opinions. Critical thinking skills are skills you will use over your entire life to navigate the world around you.

William, Terri. “Study: Nearly half of Millennials Get an “F” in Critical Thinking.” Good Call,
30 May 2017,

6- A lack of information about recycling may be a large contribution to students recycling, leading to failure to its overall mission. There is extreme lack of awareness about recycling not only from the student but also from the school. I believe that if schools would inform students on how beneficial it is not only for the school but also for the environment to recycle.

Recycling especially here in California is a great way to help prevent recyclable items from going into our beautiful ocean along with helping the environment. Not only is it good for the environment but if you use the money that is obtained from recycling and use that money towards the school. That would be a small financial help for the school. If the school department were to set the recycling money apart and use it towards helping students that need help with books, parking permits, school supplies. Ect. I am sure there are students that would greatly appreciate the help. I know we are only talking about .10 cents, this might not seem like a whole lot of money, but, if you were to counter in the amount of items that are consumed in a recyclable container and add that chunk of change. I think you would see a difference.

According to Students’ Campus Sustainability Plan Starts with Recycling “Mario Salomon, one of the project’s leaders who recently graduated with his master’s in systems engineering. He said the students, who come from the fields of engineering, science and liberal arts, are gaining real-world experience as they work on issues to enhance the University. “We believe that our systems (recycling, bike share and the student bus routes), if implemented, will greatly benefit future generations in multiple ways.”

I tried to use the P.I.E. method to help me stay on topic and for my introduction along with trying to be informative, and persuasive.

Work citation:

Students’ Campus Sustainability Plan Starts with Recycling

Daniel Perez

November 26, 2013

Univeristy Commuications

7- The most useful sample of development is “The worst personality trait that an instructure, parent, boss, or friend will have” as a result of a personality qualities distinguish the options or characteristics that are the embodiment of a personal.

Thesis Statement

A. Although recycling decrease the amount of garbage that we have a tendency to increase landfills, but they value local communities to require half in recycling programs. recycling will decrease pollution and assist to a healthful atmosphere.

B. Everyone contain a unique personality. They’re your normal patterns of behavior, temperament and passion. In keeping with aspects theorists, personal consists of a combination of a variety of qualities

C. Ever persuade students for modern events? Conving students is one in all the essential things. After I was in high school I used to be happy to pay attention and read regarding new events.

The worst character attribute that an instructor, parent, or boss will have.

Everyone contains a special personality. “We are all born with a special genetic blueprint, that lays out the characterization characteristics of our personality as nicely as our bodily health and look…And yet, we have a tendency to all remember of that life experiences do alternate us”-Joan D. Vinge Joan is making an attempt to provide an evidence that we tend to all are unique and have a unique form of personality smart or bad. This is fantastic journey for me as a result of previous I used to believe everyone around me although they were wrong or right. My character now that I’m a lot of of a cold hearted person, I listen to a people but i do not believe them at all.


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