Reflection Paper Assignment= (Approx. 750 words; or roughly 2-3 pages double-spaced) Choose ONE of the TWO topics (not both) and write a 750-word response in the form of a reflection paper (note, a re

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Reflection Paper Assignment=(Approx. 750 words; or roughly 2-3 pages double-spaced)Choose ONE of the TWO topics (not both) and write a 750-word response in the form of a reflectionpaper (note, a reflection paper is analytical and is not intended to be an opportunity to write freely asone does in a diary on any topic). Reflection papers should have an academic tone, so you should writeit in a somewhat professional manner, yet it should also be personal and subjective to your views andexperience. After viewing the related materials, analyze and reflect upon how it shaped your perceptionand thoughts on the subject.

Option 2: Climate Change and Canada.= will view the documentary “Beyond Climate,” (approx. 48 min long) which looks at the effectsof climate change in British Columbia and share their views and insights on the material and topicmatter, namely climate change and Canada’s experience.Rubric: (Out of 25 marks)Writing and grammar:5 Marks=Was your paper cleanly written, and free of spelling mistakes, awkwardsentences, or any writing issues? Did you proofread your work?

Insights:15 Marks=Did you share and explore your views in connection with the material? Hadyou raised a number of interesting points in your discussion that showed thatyou fully comprehended the material? Were your points somewhatprofessionally discussed and analyzed?On time:1 MarkWas the assignment handed in on time?Depth of analysis:4 Marks=Did all your points raised have depth to them, or were they briefly mentionedbefore moving onto the next? Were they all evenly discussed, or was thereuneven focus on one over all the others?

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