reflecting on new culture experience which is I chose Japan

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PORT: Cross-cultural Contact Reflective Report(200points, maximum 5 [five] single-space pages of written material + required exhibits). Reflecting on your “new cultural experience”,please submit aCross-CulturalExperience Report(5[five]single-space pages max of writing + exhibits) addressing the following topics and questions:New Culture / Country information

1.Definethe concept ofculture, its components (elements),and its main characteristics.

2.Identify and describe the culture of the groupof peoplethat you had contact with during the“new cultural experience.”

3.Choose one of the cultural dimensions frameworksdescribed in Chapter 5 of the textbook(e.g., Hofstede, Trompennars, or The Globe dimensions). Describe thecultureof the new groupusing at least two(2) relevant cultural dimensions. BA310 -Foundations of Business in a Global Environment2

4.Briefly describethe political, legal, economic, monetary, and trade environmentof the country where the group of people you had contact with came from:

a.Political and legal environment(e.g., political system; legal system; political and legal risks)

b.Economic and monetary environment(e.g., economic system, currency system, economic and currency risks)

c.Trade environment (e.g., balance of payments, major exports/imports, main trading partners, regional economic integration, trade barriers and/or incentives)

I need these questions to be answered in two pages.

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