Recommend two (2) actions that HR managers, business and finance homework help

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1.  Recommend
two (2) actions that HR managers can take in order to prepare their employees
for work in a foreign country. Justify your response.

2.  Select
a country then examine an issue that may occur during the HR planning process
when employees are transferred to work as expatriates. Provide the solution to
the issue.

3.  As
a HR manager, provide an example of an organization you worked for or familiar
with and explain how the organization maintained a high performance work
system. Justify your response.

4.  Suggest
two (2) actions you can take in order to contribute to high performance within
your company. Provide support for your response.

5.  In
your own words, explain the importance of HRM to any organization then
determine a HRM function that interest you as a future career. Explain your

6.  Explore
the Society of Human Resource Management website,
explain the importance of receiving a student membership. Then, provide one (1)
HR certification that will enhance your future career choice. Justify your


1.  Based
on a former or current job you’ve held propose two ways the organization could
muse technology
to improve operational efficiencies.

2.  Select
one company from the Fortune 500 list and review their current marketing
campaigns.  Analyze whether or not the
marketing approach is and explain your reasoning.

3.  Choose
one publicly traded company and explain one of the financial statement as
though you are explaining it to a coworker. 
Identify two different topics covered in the course and examine two ways
an organization can use financial statements to make business decisions related.   


1.  Categorize
your current or past organization into one (1) of the five (5) most prevalent
ethical climates discussed in the text. Analyze whether it is a centralized or
decentralized structure. Examine the impact that the selected ethical climate
and structure has on the organization’s culture. Justify your response.

2.  Use
the Internet to explore the website of one (1) company that has an online
application process. Next, critique the online application process and site
design to determine whether it would encourage or discourage job seekers to
apply. Suggest two (2) recommendations to increase the site’s appeal to job
seekers. Include the URL for the website that you selected.

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