Rearrange the order of these events from 1 being the highest priority to 8 being the lowest priority

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Scenario: The following eight events happen during the day at the office. In this

scenario you will be out of the office the following day. Rearrange the order of

these events from 1 being the highest priority to 8 being the lowest priority. When

you submit your responses, please include an explanation of how you determined

the order of priority and what your next steps would be (you may also include any

questions you would ask of your team and/or manager).

1. Another member of the team has asked you to help create student answer sheets

for a school that is planning to administer an assessment tomorrow. The school

needs to print these materials before they assess. This should take about 20


2. You have 5 sets of student answer sheets to create that are due today to ensure

that schools are able to access their assessment materials by our 2 week deadline.

This should take about an hour.

3. You have 8 school roster updates to process before 10:30am, these roster updates

include new students and are required in order for those students to be able to

take an assessment. This process should take about 30 minutes.

4. A member of your team needs you to create 50 new accounts for teachers and

leaders at a school for a training that they are facilitating today at 12pm. This

should take less than 20 minutes.

5. Another team member has asked you to help them proof materials for a high

priority district partner that will be sent at the end of the day. During the last

assessment administration, there were several errors in their materials so it is

important for everything to be correct.

6. You need to upload makeup answer sheets this morning and this afternoon into our

grading platform so they can be reported on. Other members of our team will be

waiting for you to upload them so they can start some of their work. This should

take about 30 minutes.

7. You have to do quality control checks on answer sheets and process the data for 4

schools by tomorrow afternoon. The sooner you get this done, the sooner teachers

from those schools will have their data. The answer sheets for these schools are

usually time-consuming to check because the schools don’t always follow the

guidelines that we’ve recommended to make the processing quicker on our end.

8. You were just assigned to grade the math responses for 7 schools, due tomorrow

by the end of the day.

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