Read three articles and write a 5 pages essay

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Please read three articles first: (Peter Singer, “Visible Man: Ethics in a World Without Secrets,” YoY o Ma, “Necessary Edges: Arts, Empathy, and Education,” Tori Rose De Ghett, “The War Photo No One Would Publish”) For those three articles I have the e-version of them on the Bookshelf website. The account is ( and password is (Dd1234567890!). Bookshelf please read the articles before writing. Please wrrite in proper MLA format and write 5 full pages. And please make sure each body paragraph has quotes from every article. The essay question is :Today we have the technology to gather information with the click of button. We can communicate in cyberspace at any time, anywhere. Our private lives become public matters, and how we understand one another can become influenced by the social media that surrounds us. The realities of technology then shape what ethical choices are made by ourselves and the society that we live in. For Singer, the fact that surveillance is a way of life poses profound questions about how we respond to the technology that we use. His essay is a cautionary tale, and complicated by the ideas raised in the essays by Ma and De Ghett.

Please consider this question.

How might empathy better educate people about the ethical responsibilities that technology needs to have?

Here are some suggestions.

  • What role does surveillance play in ethics? How is it possible that the practice might actually make society more ethical—and why?
  • How can education impact on our understanding of what it mean to maintain an ethical balance in society? What is the intersection that exists between education and ethics—and why is empathy a crucial factor in that process?
  • How does the idea of privacy complicate what it means to have an ethical society—and what role might empathy play in our understanding of the tension between what is private and public?

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