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Involving families and communities in the classroom learning will improve both student engagement and outcomes. One of the ways that families and communities can be involved in students’ learning is to inform them of the importance of various texts that support literacy development and how they can support learning at home.

Create a brochure to be introduced at curriculum night to promote literacy in the home and serve as a resource for families, informing them of the different texts and writing materials that will be implemented as part of the class curriculum.

Your brochure should include the process of examining texts and writing strategies, and describe at-home technology tools and digital resources that can be used to advance student literacy development.

Include the following:

  • Engaging front cover that identifies the grade level and content area
  • The importance of multiple texts to meet the specific needs and abilities of all students
  • Examples of two different types of texts that will be used in the class with brief rationales describing the complexity and purpose for each as well as the grouping techniques (whole group, independent, small group) that will be used with each selection.
  • Explanation of how texts are selected for the classroom through both quantitative and qualitative measures
  • An example of how writing will be incorporated into the content area
  • Two activities families can do at home to help struggling readers and writers (one activity for reading and one activity for writing)
  • Two digital tools or resources families can use to support literacy development at home. Include one for reading and one for writing as well as brief directions on how to use the tools, or where the families can go to learn how to use them.

The brochure should be visually appealing with color, graphic elements, and variations in text.

Support your brochure with a minimum of three scholarly resources.

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