read and answer about Kant

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For the passage below, give:

1) an explanation of what Kant means in the passage quoted,

2) the general context in which it occurs, and

3) how that which Kant intends to communicate through the quote fits into the Grounding as a whole.

“And thus are categorical imperatives possible because the idea of freedom makes me a member of an intelligible world. Now if I were a member of that world, all my actions would always accord with autonomy of the will. But since I intuit myself at the same time as a member of the world of sense, my actions ought so to accord. This categorical ought present a synthetic a priori proposition, whereby in addition to my will as affected by sensuous desires there is added further the idea of the same will, but as belonging to the intelligible world, pure and practical of itself, and as containing the supreme condition of the former will insofar as reason is concerned.” (p. 55

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