read 2 articles and watch 1 video then answer questions

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Part II: Reading/Video Analysis Unless otherwise stated, links to readings and videos are provided in the syllabus.

1. Watch “Want to help someone? Shut up and listen!” by Sirolli. What is his suggested approach to helping communities, and what reasons does he provide? (100-200 words)

2. Read sections 5.1-5.5 from Engineering and Sustainable Community Development
by Lucena (posted on the course website). How would you define effective listening in sustainable community development projects? (100-200 words)

3. Read pp. 20-35 in User Research Framework
by Smith & Leith (posted on the course website) and watch “Ethnography” by Isaacs. What are the strengths and limitations of the various user research methods? Then spend 30 minutes observing hand-washing practices in a restroom or kitchen and take photos. Do you see different results when subjects know you are observing them? (100-200 words)

you can write 150 words for each question

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