ratio analysis

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do an analytic report for the result (result attached) .

which company is better?
which company should I invest in?

1. You are to briefly describe, in your own words and citing company literature where appropriate, the companies under consideration.
2. The majority of the project is a complete ratio analysis of the two companies. You are to follow the format listed in our course textbook which is the first chapter of Subramanyan, Financial Statement Analysis.
3. For additional reference about the project, please consult the perfect student submission which can be found in attached.
4. You are to use the two most recent years of financial statements for your analysis.
5. You are to graph the common stock price for the years under consideration. Please appropriately label the source of your stock-price graph.
6. Finally, you are to answer the question, “Which company would be the better investment?” based upon your ratio analysis.


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