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  1. Why is the U.S. health care market referred to as “imperfect”?
  2. Briefly describe the concepts of market justice and social justice. In what way do the two principles complement each other and in what way do they conflict in the U.S. system of health care delivery?
  3. Why is it that despite a general sentiment against government involvement in health care, Medicare and Medicaid were created?
  4. What are the major distinctions between primary care and specialty care?

The patient Eric is described as a long term non-progressor

A. What is meant by non-progressor?

B. What is the physiology behind this?

A. What are the names of the 2 co-receptor proteins identified on cells?

B. What function do they perform?

C. What was the result in patients who had mutations in the gene which coded for the defective receptor?

3. Please identify 3 reasons why developing a vaccine for HIV has proven to be difficult.




4. What year did scientists begin testing DNA vaccines for HIV in humans?

5. Please describe one thing from this video which you were most interested in.

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