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submit a formal report, using the following headings, to the appropriate Dropbox on D2L.


Introduce the entrepreneur you had the opportunity to meet, and identify what organizations they are affiliated, or was affiliated with. Describe their accomplishments.

Interview Summary

Provide a summary (in your own words) of the entrepreneur’s opinion regarding what contributes to being a successful entrepreneur. Describe how the entrepreneur defines sustainability. Provide a summary describing what you learnt regarding the role of sustainability in business from the interview with your entrepreneur.


Compare the opinions of the entrepreneur(s) regarding what contributes to being a successful entrepreneur with the discussion in class, the articles or books, and/or the course readings.

Compare the definition of sustainability in the articles and the the entrepreneur’s definition of sustainability, with the BUS 280 definition of sustainability. (cite sources)

Compare the opinion of the entrepreneur regarding the role of sustainability in business with the articles.

(Write a separate comparison for each article, citing sources.)

Please note: Do not include a list of questions and answers from the event or interview.

Please remember APA format requires double-spacing. And, APA format is formal paragraph, using sub-headings. Cite all sources throughout your paper and include a reference list at the end. While there are no minimum or maximum pages required, it is expected the report would likely be approximately 5 pages depending on the articles chosen.

( if you could not contact with the person , we should chose anouther owner for any orgnization to complet this part )

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