Question About Blog Critique

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This assignment requires you critique a classmate’s blog. Your review of the assigned blog will provide helpful and specific suggestions for positive change and indicate the strengths about the blog.

Spend at least 10 minutes at the blog. I encourage you to review all additional pages (JRN 4440/FA15, About, etc.). Read some of the blog posts during different weeks. Review all images, hyperlinks, videos and any other artwork and or design.

Write at least three detailed sentences for each of the following critique points; vague or generic responses are not acceptable for the critique. 

Critique questions to answer:
  ▪  Explain the blog’s presentation: template, colors, background photos. Pretend you are explaining what the blog looks like to one your friends.
  ▪  What topic is communicated through the blog?
  ▪  What kind of audience is the topic or message intended for? What are the demographics? How did you draw this conclusion?
  ▪  Read at least three different posts
  ▪  How relevant is the content to the topic?
  ▪  Does the content flow?
  ▪  Suggestions/Compliments
  ▪  Look at the images. Do the images support the posts? Why or Why not?
  ▪  Do you believe the blog successfully communicates its topic to the audience? Why? If no, what would you change about the blog to better communicate the message?
  ▪  What are at least two strengths about the blog? What compliments do you want to offer? Why?
  ▪  What are at least two weaknesses about the blog? What are your recommendations for improvement? Why?

!!!This is the link of Blog: !!!

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