python coding to read mips instructions

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Your simulator should support the following:

  • Minimum subset of instructions:
  • o addi, addu, sub, slt, and, ori, sll, srl beq, bne, lw, sw

  • Other allowed instructions that your PRPG might use:
  • o add, slti, sltu, lui, andi, or, xor, xori, j

    use the sample code to follow and simulate python code that would identity and return output to user indicating:

    a) Register content ($8 – $23, PC)

    b) Memory content (0x2000 – 0x2050)

    c) Instruction Count

    d) Other helpful info (such as current instruction, etc)

    pretty much just checking the op code and change in pdf file to identify different instructions and then edit the rest operation and memory part

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