Purpose and Appropriateness of Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2

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When administering a self-report personality assessment, psychologists must take an individual’s motivation and intent into account. For example, in job interviews individuals usually want to cast themselves in the best possible light when asked about their personality traits that influence work habits. The MMPI-2 is one assessment instrument that takes motivation and intent into account, but how do you know that this instrument is appropriate for your setting? How might the MMPI-2 assist you in gathering accurate self-report data in a specific setting?

For this Discussion, review this week’s Learning Resources. It is also recommended that you revisit the Arbisi et al. (2006), Gilmore et al. (2001), and the Wygant et al. (2010) articles on settings from Week 2. Then consider the purpose for using the MMPI-2 and whether the MMPI-2 would be appropriate for the setting you selected for your Week 2 discussion.

With these thoughts in mind:

Write a description of the purpose for using the MMPI-2. Then explain how you might use the MMPI-2 in the setting you selected in your Week 2 Discussion and explain how and why it may be appropriate. Be sure to title your discussion post with the setting.


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