Psychological problems

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Eye Witness Identification Gone Wrong:

Go to this website:

Work your way through this presentation of a real life situation of false identification.The following questions refer to the Cotton article/case.

1) What factors contributed to the faulty eyewitness identification? Be specific and thorough.

2) What steps can the legal system take to help prevent faulty eyewitness identification in the future? Again, be VERY SPECIFIC and comprehensive.

3) How does the material from our LECTURE and the VIDEO relate to this situation?

****Organize your thoughts into a 2 – 3 page double-spaced typed essay.

Submit this assignment in the following manner:

1) Type this paper, double-spaced.

2) This assignment instruction sheet MUST be attached to the top of your paper. Papers without this page will not be accepted.

3) Late papers are NOT accepted.

Points to Remember when completing Assignment(s):

1. Use your spell and grammar check buttons! It is especially important to clear up errors that confuse and obscure meaning. Your answer should be well organized and logically presented.
2. Do NOT use other people’s words. Quoting or closely paraphrasing will invalidate your answer!! Stringing a series of quotes together is NOT producing your own essay. Please review the information on PLAGIARISM.
3. The URL given above is NOT start point for wandering through the Internet. You are to stay within the specific site so that your reviewed article focused on currently covered materials in class.

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