PSYC221 Week 7 Learning Reflection Journal

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Assignment Instructions

The Learning Reflection Journal requires weekly learning experience reflection across Weeks 2, 3, 5 6 and 7. In week 7, a Learning Reflection Journal summary compilation will be submitted, compiling these weekly experiences into a single document. The summary document should conclude with and additional two substantive summary paragraphs (500 hundred words in length) combined.

Weekly Journals: During each of the assigned weeks, you will write two paragraphs, each 300 words in length (i.e., 600 words total). The first paragraph will describe a topic that you found particularly interesting during that week and what made it interesting, and the second paragraph will describe something that you have observed occurring in the real world that exemplified that topic.

Only one topic may be recorded in the journal for each assigned week and the observed real word occurrence must be clearly related to it. Your weekly journal entries must be attached to the Learning Reflection Journal assignment screen as an individual document each week to demonstrate completion during its scheduled week but it will not be graded until the compilation of all the weeks’ journal entries in single new document submitted the end of Week 7. Please label your MS Word files Week 2, Week 3, etc.

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