PSY 1301 General Psy Unit VI Discussion The time is coming when choosing the genetic traits of your child is going to be possible. What kinds of ethical and practical problems might arise from this d

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PSY 1301 General Psy

Unit VI Discussion

  1. The time is coming when choosing the genetic traits of your child is going to be possible. What kinds of ethical and practical problems might arise from this development?

ENG 1301 English Composition I

  1. Unit VI Discussion Board

In this unit, we discussed the creation of body paragraphs for your research paper. You should have a good idea of what your revised thesis statement will look like, the points that you want to include, and the evidence you will use to support those points.Let’s take just a moment and think about the process so far. Feel free to use this writing as a reflection upon what you have experienced so far in the course. You might want to consider some of the questions below, but you are not required to answer them. Remember, as always, that this discussion should be a positive and constructive experience for everyone. The idea is that you reflect upon the process so that you understand it, understand yourself as a new student writer, and understand the challenges and successes you experience.What do you think is your strongest point? What do you think is your weakest? Do you think the scope of your project is narrowed down efficiently? How are you feeling about the process? What do you think about the structure of the body paragraphs? Does the structure seem too restrictive or helpful and guiding? Looking back on some of the materials that you have read, can you see the structures that we have discussed in the course so far? Do you see differences between academic and public sources in terms of how the paragraphs are constructed.

EMS 3301 EMS Management

Unit VI Discussion Board Question

  1. For our discussion in Unit VI, you are the quality improvement (QI) coordinator assigned to either the operations, clinical care or documentation domains that we have learned about in this unit. First, identify the domain for which you are performing the QI process. Next, imagine that you discovered a repetitive error that multiple employees have made over the last 60 days. Briefly explain what the problem is and how you would recommend the organization address it.

In your response to a classmate, you should respond as if you are one of the employees who has committed this error. How do you feel about the approach? Do you consider it a positive interaction?

HCA 3310 Healthcare Marketing

Unit VI Discussion Board Question

  1. Health care marketing for providers is much more in depth than it often seems on the surface, yet crucial to the success of any organization. What aspect of provider marketing was most interesting to you in this unit? As it relates to engaging the consumer, what aspect of provider marketing do you feel would be most difficult as a marketing leader? Ensure to use concepts from the assigned readings (unit lesson, textbook, etc.)

HTH 2309 Reimbursement Methodogies

Unit VI Discussion Board Thread

  1. Submitting clean claims is an integral part of the medical practice. Falsifying claims can lead to penalties, delayed reimbursement, and, in some cases, legal consequences. Submitting erroneous or fraudulent claims is one of the more prevalent issues in the medical field. Read the scenario below and respond with how you would handle the situation. You have been assigned to work with a physician who you do not normally work with while a medical assistant is away on vacation. During your daily chart review of the patients, you notice that many of the patients have been charged for procedures that were not performed and/or were unnecessary. You also notice that the medical assistant, who is also a close acquaintance of yours, who is working with this physician was the staff member who completed the charge ticket for the physician. (Please note: The physician has to sign every charge ticket as acknowledgment of services provided.) How would you approach this scenario? Would you confront the physician, your friend/coworker, your manager, or not reveal your findings? Explain your answer. Please keep in mind that there is no right or wrong answer, but please think critically about how you would handle this situation.

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