Project Estimating Schedule

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Continue using the organization and project your team selected in Week 2 for this assignment.

Perform the following in Microsoft® Project:

  • Input the activities in Microsoft® Project needed to complete the project, linking each activity in the order it can be completed, regardless of any known resource constraints.
  • Ensure all activities are linked to project deliverables.
  • Identify the resources required to complete the project. Input these resources and each of their estimated costs into Microsoft® Project Resource Sheet. For labor, this may be done with an hourly rate or a one-time consultant fee, depending on the activity.
  • Assign resources to each of the activities in Microsoft® Project.
  • Estimate the time it will take each resource to complete each activity (for example, in hours, days, or weeks) and input those timelines into Microsoft® Project.
  • Use Microsoft® Project to identify the project’s critical path.

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