Project Competitive Analysis

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  1. Attached to this is the target market plan and the feasibility plan. The business being operated is a Computer store.
  2. Prepare a descriptive matrix describing the major competitors to the product/service you have presented. Consider direct, indirect, substitutes, and future competitors. What are their strengths and weaknesses? For example, a direct competitor of Coca Cola is Pepsi, and an indirect competitor is Snapple.
  3. Choose at least two competitors and one indirect competitor. Compare and contrast to your idea. Research how strong your competitors’ brand loyalty is and would consumers switch to your idea. Obtain recent advertisements of your competitors and explain the advertisements’ position. Include images of these advertisements. Explain how you would differentiate your advertising.
  4. Prepare your break-even analyses. A break-even analysis lets you know when your business will be able to pay the bills and make a profit. You may use SCORE’s template.

Elements Criteria Points
Competitive Analysis 1.Prepared a descriptive matrix describing the major competitors and considered direct, indirect, substitutes and future competitors.
2.Chose at least two competitors and one indirect competitor and compared and contrasted.
3.Researched how strong the competitors’ brand loyalty is, and presented an argument to why consumers would switch to your brand.
4.Obtained a recent advertisement of your competitors and explained the advertisements’ position and included images of these advertisements.
5.Explained how you would differentiate your advertising.
6.Prepared your break-even analyses.

·There is sufficient research cited to support analysis, positioning and differentiation.


·Demonstrates evidence of undergraduate-level writing mechanics including grammar, tense and spelling.
·Used the APA guidelines for writing style, spelling, grammar, and citation of sources as needed.


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