Preparation For this assessment, you will develop an interview guide that you will use for Assessment 3 to interview an entrepreneur about her/his

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For this assessment, you will develop an interview guide that you will use for Assessment 3 to interview an entrepreneur about her/his strategies for marketing, management, and sustainability. You should develop a set of questions and a conversation strategy that will help you gain the following insights from the entrepreneur:

In developing a business that is both profitable and ethically-motivated:

  • When did the entrepreneur experience growth, retrenchment, and/or succession? Has she or he pursued international markets or stayed domestic?
  • When the entrepreneur reached major decision points in this venture, how did he or she make decisions?
  • How would the entrepreneur describe her or his overall business strategy?
  • What alternative strategies has the entrepreneur used in past ventures, and to what effect?


Assume that you have only one hour to speak with the entrepreneur. Your guide should include the following:

  1. Propose an interview to a fellow business professional. Transcribe a brief introduction that concisely explains what you are doing and why, in a manner that you believe will establish the right tone and themes for the conversation.
  2. Design a set of interview questions regarding the balance between profitability and ethical considerations. This should be a set of questions that will best enable the interviewer (you) to gain the responses you are looking for. As described above, you want to learn how this entrepreneur has balanced these two goals. If the person has not achieved this balance yet, how has she or he set their venture up for success?
  3. Develop a strategy for delivering interview questions. Given the time constraints, which questions would be essential to the conversation, and which could be skipped if necessary? Where might you need to probe for a deeper response?
  4. Transcribe a rationale (2 or 3 sections) describing why you believe this interview strategy will be effective. How have you designed your questions for best effect? How have you planned for possible resistance from the interviewee?
  5. Professional formatting, correct spelling, grammar, and mechanics. No shorthand notes. In other words, it should be professional enough that you would feel comfortable asking someone else to conduct the interview using your interview guide.

Running head: INTERVIEW GUIDE 1 INTERVIEW GUIDE FOR AN ENTREPRENEUR’S BUSINESS STRATEGYStudent NameInstitutional Affiliation INTERVIEW GUIDE 2 Entrepreneurship stands to be today’s economic…

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