Poverty in Washington state caused by income inequality.

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In preparation for this paper, I would ask that you speak out of the context of your own faith tradition. The exercise cannot have its fullest benefit for you, if you try to speak out of another faith tradition than your own. (Note: As we shall discuss in class, even an atheist has some kind of faith tradition, secularly based, that includes principles for making moral decisions.) The exact topic of your paper is more-or-less up to your own discretion as long as it addresses a specific instance of social, economic, and/or political injustice; it analyzes that injustice theologically; and it attempts to locate a just resolution to that injustice.


  1. Your final main paper in the term project should be typed in 11- or 12-point, Times New Roman font, double-spaced, and 2,500-4,000 words long. The margins should be one inch wide. Remove extra spacing between paragraphs that Microsoft Word automatically adds, using the “Paragraphs” menu. Single space block quotes, but double space between the block quotes and the rest of the paragraph to which it relates. SHOW YOUR WORD COUNT AT THE BOTTOM OF THE LAST PAGE.
  2. Use at least eight scholarly outside sources. The Bible, your text books, and class readings do not count as “outside sources”. For scholarly articles on your topic, I recommend that you investigate your topic through ATLA and JSTOR via our library’s online portal. Look under the Subject heading for articles that best correspond to your paper topic. Do not trust other internet sites without running them by me first, unless you find articles and books on the internet that can also be found in print elsewhere. Wikipedia most assuredly is not a source!
  3. Include a clear thesis statement in the first or second paragraph of your paper, giving the position you intend to defend in your paper. Do not hesitate to argue with me in your paper. I won’t be offended.
  4. Develop the issue or question on which your paper is based, then focus your paper on your particular position. Use background or supporting documentation from your sources (Bible, textbooks, and outside sources) for both sections. Once you have presented all the evidence you find relevant to the discussion, draw your own conclusions based on the evidence. No additional citations are necessary in this final phase of your paper.
  5. Cite your sources as you use them, so that I can see where your support comes from. When you use any source, be careful to explain how it supports your point. I don’t care which method of citation you use in your paper, as long as you are consistent and your citations include enough information for me to check your work. That means you need to include the author’s name, the title of the work you’re citing, and the page numbers of the sources you’re citing. Don’t use a quotation simply to meet some kind of quota. Your quotations must move your argument forward and serve either as support you’re your analysis or as a springboard for further analysis. Keep in mind that it is also acceptable to cite a source with which you disagree, but you must then explain why you disagree with it and why you are using the source.

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