post interview journal and thank you letter (1 page)

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It is important to have good preparation as well as follow-up for an interview to help you stand out from your competition. Imagine that you have landed an interview for your dream job. You will need to get ready for the interview and then send a follow-up letter to your interviewer.

You will write a journal entry in response to questions on interview preparation and create an effective thank-you letter based on your research.


  1. An important part of preparing for an interview is to understand how to conduct yourself during an interview Locate and review three resources from the Internet (videos or articles) on interview behavior.
  1. In a Word document, compose a journal entry in which you reflect on interview behavior and address the following:
    • What knowledge can you take from these resources?
    • What do you say and not say during an interview?
    • What physical behaviors should you keep in mind?
    • Why should you practice what you will say and do during an interview?
    • How would you describe the typical job interview?
  1. Now imagine that you have completed an exciting interview, using the tips from your resources. In the same document as your initial journal entry, write a thank-you letter to the interviewer.

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