Post In a Word Doc, Service Delivery Plan

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What I need is for you to complete the following below (service delivery plan) all the things in the sub categories A, B, C, and so on..

All data and everything should be in the Document But most important is I need a Cost Analysis of Indirect and Direct Costs

And a FLOW CHARt of delivery service example: The service delivery is how will clients see you, at office, in a van, etc.. You need to describe it and why this is a good way to deliver the service. You also need a flowchart showing what happens when a patient first comes to you and how they go through your system. For instance, greeted by receptionist, then maybe vitals are taken by an LVN and so forth. The flowchart takes the patient from the beginning of the process until they leave. I need this Step by step BUT FOR A CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC! thank you

  1. Service Delivery Plan (Christian)
    1. Service Delivery Methodology
      1. Low back and leg pain.
      2. Neck and arm pain.
      3. Headaches.
      4. Athletic and work-related injuries.
      5. Shoulder, knee, and foot pain.
      6. Asthma, ear infections, and many other problems that begin when we are children.
    2. Clinical Protocols and Description of Best Practices
      1. *
    3. Cost Analysis
      1. Direct Costs:
      2. Indirect Costs:
    4. Flow Chart of Delivery Service, Delivery Sequence & Timing Requirement
    5. FTE Requirements
    6. Space Requirements

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