Policy Analysis Change Paper

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Submit an 12-page policy analysis paper that includes the following points:

  • Introduction of a specific policy issue or problem and discusses its relevance to the stakeholder/organization
  • Reviews of scholarly efforts to understand the problem
  • Policy analysis technique to evaluate different policies designed to address the problem
  • Clearly written analysis of policy with solid recommendations
  • Writing in a professional manner with adequate headings to allow a reader to access information quickly and effectively
  • Integration of at least 5 governmental, scholarly, and primary sources
  • Appropriate application of APA format to include: cover page, headings, in-text citations, and reference page

The policy analysis should be written to a target stakeholder. You will start your assignment by writing an analysis of the policy issue and identifying alternative policies. Comparing and contrasting similar policies will help you develop critical thinking with reference to policy analysis.

Evaluate and analyze the policy you are studying using cost-benefit analysis, stake holder analysis, data analysis, or analysis of inputs, outputs, and outcomes. Then, provide your recommendations. Evaluating will help you present the best perspective.


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