plz answer the following questions with no less than 150 words.. it is supply chain class all about transportation

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  1. What are some of the innovations in transportation? List two then explain what they are and analyze their potential impacts.
  2. Google to learn what California Transportation Commission does. How does it help the State of California accomplish its goals similar to those set forth by the Federal Department of Transportation?
  3. Watch the Port of Long Beach Clean Truck program video (second half is a repeat of first half). Why is this program established? What DOT strategic goals does it help to accomplish? What State agencies might have been involved in pulling this program off?

– u can watch the video from Youtube

– plz try to answer all those questions from

u do not have to write any more information .. just answer the questions and send it through the chat plz

– English is my second language so plz make sure about the the style

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