Please discuss why your academic performance has not been satisfactory in the past, assignment help

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So the situation is that I was recessed from my university(in USA) due to low GPA problem. I am an international student from China. So I went back to China for one year, Now I am applying to to back to university again. So please help me using the information I provided to answer the questions. Thanks!

Question 1

Please discuss why your academic performance has not been satisfactory in the past.

Please use the information below to write a 500 words essay

1 First reason why i got 0 for both of my online courses is because when i went back to China for the summer break, I could not log in to D2l and MSU school website and the MSU email. It is because the Chinese government blocked some of the Foreign websites due to national security reasons. So when i first came to this problem i though it was a issue for my internet connection, but after that i found i could access all the other websites. But not GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, MSU D2L WEBSITE AND MSU STUINFO WEBSITE. I tried to drop the course but I cannot log in to the website. I also asked my friend to call the university for me but the university said I must call in person. After all i did not even start any course Martial i payed the tuition.

The second reason is due to language ability, English is my second language, i had many difficulties


Question 2

(500 words)(what would you do differentily if you were giving another chance?)Please propose an action plan/strategies to address your past academic performance.

  • Try to select courses after the advise of Advisor, try not to pick courses at is too hard for me.
  • Never take any online courses again.
  • Come up with more 5 more points and write about it


Question 3

What did you do in the past one year in China? (300 words)

I had tutor to teach me English , develop good studying habit, and Working on everyday English speaking, reading, listening and writing

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