physical activity for older adults

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You will write a 2-3 page essay reflecting on what the prescription for physical activity is for older adults according to the US Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans 2018 and at least one of the supplementary research articles. After you conduct your research on the topic, talk with you parents and grandparents about their physical activity habits. Share with them about the effects of PA and SED on health. Think about the strategies that may help them improve their habits.


Cover page, INTRO, BODY (describe the 2018 physical activity guidelines (2018 PAG) for older adults, read and provide a reflection on a supplementary article, converse with your parents and grandparents about physical activity and diet based on the Witard and Mitchell research articles, 2018 PAG, and the supplementary article), and CONCLUSION, references.

Be sure to use In-text citations (Author/s, Year) and references in APA format throughout the paper.

please focus on:

APA Formatting


Scientific Content

Family Discussion

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