Photography digital

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-20 photos

Take a View Point!

Imagine you are working for an Organization, Magazine (Online or Print), Campaign (not necessarily political), Movement, or other entity that advocates either For or Against Something.

You are retained to make Photographs for the cause. They must communicate the viewpoint visually.

This assignment is all about creating an image based on an idea, concept, belief, action, opinion, interest, conclusion, etc.

My Organization, Magazine, Web Site, Movement, etc. is:

The Cause, Viewpoint, Position that I am illustrating is:

My Audience is:


Build on the skills and ideas we have learned so far regarding the possibilities that using a camera give us:

Framing . . Exposure .. How movement can be stopped or blurred .. Depth of Field .. Lighting (including painting with light .. Decisive Moment .. Post Post-Production in Lightroom .. Working with People

Now think of other components to “Make Visible” your idea or view point:

Finding or Creating the right setting or location

Appropriate (to your theme) Props, clothing, accessories,

People!! Who can help you, and who would be great to ‘act’ in your photo.

Ask yourself: What is the most exciting visual way that I can illustrate my idea? Only after you have an idea that excites you do you ask, “Ok, How much of this might I be able to actually do. Then go for as much of it as possible!

This is very much like being a Screen Writer. You are telling a story visually.

Visual Ideas: (Do some Research)

Journaling: First thing in the morning take 10 minutes and just write down the first things that you think about.

Surf the Internet guilt free, ha. (and if you come across any great cat videos, please share them in class)

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