Philosophy essay

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Stripped down to its essential commitments, skepticism is the thesis that actual knowledge has yet be achieved by human beings because all existing knowledge claims fall short of genuine knowledge on account of their alleged justifications being

1) circular, or

2) infinitely regressive, or

3) dogmatic, or

4) some combination of (1) (3).

How does Augustine meet the skeptics’ challenge? In your own words, clearly state and explicate Augustine’s proposed counterexample(s) to the skeptical tetralemma. Putting this question a bit differently, do any of Augustine’s knowledge claims avoid the tetralemma? Do any of Augustine’s knowledge claims succumb to the tetralemma? Rationally justify your answers.

Readings. Book The Grate Conversation by Norman Melchert. Chapter10 : Augustire, in particular “Wisdom, Happiness and God.

God and the World”.

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