Phenomenological research, week 3 disc 31 writing assignment help

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Phenomenological research is a research based on “an inductive reasoning, descriptive research approach developed from phenomenological philosophy; its aim is to describe an experience as it is actually lived by the person” (Mosby, 2009) and the perspective of the participants. This kind of research is very individualistic. On the other hand, ethnographic research focus on the investigation of a culture, like an African culture through an in-depth study of the members of the culture; it involves the systematic collection, description, and analysis of data for development of theories of cultural behavior for an extended period of time. In ethnographic research, the concept of culture is of central important.

Both methods are qualitative methodologies of research.

The differences between phenomenological research and ethnographic research include:


Phenomenological research

Ethnographic research

Research design

Here, it involves inductive reasoning as well as descriptive research which is based on multiple ways of interpreting the same experience. Here, it is how a person perceives things to be.

This involve observing a population within a particular culture for a long period of time in other to understand their common experiences specific to this group of individuals. A lot of the time, the researcher will live among the culture and observe them fully and immensely in other understand this culture.

Research problem

Here, the research design creates questions that focus on the meaning of a person’s experiences and the researcher’s role in understanding them. The researcher here focuses more on descriptive components of the research.

Here, the research involves two kinds of research problem which include foreshadowed problems, indicating who the participants here is key.

Also, specific questions arise from the relationship between the problem and the data.

Participants selection

Participants are chosen because they lived experiences and they are currently living the experiences. These participants must be willing and ready to share their experiences in a purposeful manner.

Purposeful sampling is utilized to choose participants due to their knowledge of the topic. Participants can be chosen using snowballing. Sampling by case, utilizing a key informant who has knowledge of the topic and through comprehensive selection.

Data collection

Here, one on one interview is done to collect the data. The researcher must develop positive rapport with participants in other to have accurate and in depth data as possible.

Data collection here is done through observation others through the researcher’s long term, continuous relationship with the participants. Accurate interviews and note taking is key here.

Data analysis

Here, it starts with the researcher’s experience with the phenomena, then moves to discuss the participant’s experiences having lived or living this experiences. 

Here, due to its voluminous information involved, the researcher can process the information in three ways; by coding the information, summarize the coded data in an organized way and pattern seeking and synthesizing the coded data and draws inferences from here.

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