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From the paper below I need these (2) Factors addressed.

Exemplary Proficient Needs Improvemen tNot Evident External Factors: PEST Analysis

External Factors: Prioritized List

Points:0 (0%)

Does not examine or address the key issue from each quadrant

Feedback:It is not evident that you created a prioritized list of PEST factors to address. Each item in your list should have supporting rationale.

External Factors: Readiness

Points:0 (0%)

Does not evaluate company’s readiness to compete in business environment based on external factors

Feedback:It is not evident that you evaluated the organization’s readiness to address the PEST factors that you have identified.

Articulation of Response

Points:5.4 (9%)

Feedback:The writing within the paper is free from grammatical errors, and sentences are fairly well structured. There were some minor APA formatting errors in the reference entries. The Hilt et al. reference was missing publisher information, and there was a mix of fonts in the reference list.

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