Personal stance on privacy scenarios

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 “Privacy and Information Sharing”, which argues that for many people, their decisions regarding privacy management depend upon the specific situation at hand. 

 Select 2 or 3 scenarios from the list below 


  • Workplace security and tracking
  • Health information, convenience, and security
  • Consumer loyalty cards and profiling
  • Auto insurance discounts and monitoring
  • Personal details and advertisements


  • Briefly summarize your experience. Include details that describe how and why your data is collected.
  • Ex: Which third parties have access to your data?
  • Explain any conflicts between privacy and disclosure that you or other users may feel in this scenario. Include details related to management and protection of your data or identity.
  • Ex: Do the policies have provisions for minors as well as adults? What control do you have related to editing, deleting, or controlling your identity? Can you “opt out” of any disclosure requests? What happens to your user profile and data once you stop using the service or site?
  • Describe how your awareness of the privacy and tracking policy affects your online or offline behavior.
  • Provide your personal stance on the privacy scenario. Assess whether the privacy policy is warranted. Provide rationale for your answer.

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