Personal Reflection: Problem Solving in the Workplace It is important for students to understand how their curriculum is applied to real world workplace environments. How what you are studying can or

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Personal Reflection: Problem Solving in the Workplace

It is important for students to understand how their curriculum is applied to real world workplace environments. How what you are studying can or will benefit you in your current, or future, career. For this assignment, you will need to review your program’s curriculum and goals and compare that to your current job.

To complete the assignment, please follow the below instructions:

  1. Review your program’s goals and curriculum on the UC Webpage and the UC Graduate Course Catalog: Attached Document
  2. Reflect on (research, if needed) your current job duties and responsibilities.

Assignment Details:Part 1 – Identify a Problem

  • Problem solving starts by being able to identify existing problems, gaps in service, inefficient systems/processes, flawed policies, or any other areas of our job/career where improvement is needed. Identify a problem or gap at your workplace and explain why/how this problem exists.

Part 2 – Solve the Problem

  • Use your knowledge that you’ve learned in the program (or hope to learn in a future course) to implement a plan to solve the problem.

Grading Expectations:

  • Fully answer both parts of the assignment.
  • Word requirement: 400-500 words

*Please include your Program details (MSIT – Masters in Information Technology) in the reflection and also include your job details (job title and employer, if available).

Job Title: Software Developer

Employer: xxxxxxxx

Personal Reflection: Problem Solving in the Workplace It is important for students to understand how their curriculum is applied to real world workplace environments. How what you are studying can or
Role: Full stack Dotnet Developer Responsibilities: Involved in Software development life cycle (SDLC) of application from design phase to implementation phase, testing, Deployment and maintenance phase. Designed Single Page Applications (SPA) with dynamic User Interface via Angular 4 by developing new user-facing features, using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Typescript, jQuery, ASP. NET, ASP.NET MVC, WebAPI. Developed UI with MVVM by using JavaScript, Knockout.js, JSON, HTML5, jQuery. Designed and developed various abstract classes, interfaces, classes to construct the business logic using C#.  Implemented technical use cases by designing and developing the appropriate web pages in using C# code behind. Developing ColdFusion Components that are complex in nature, technically and/or functionally Involved in writing Cascading style sheets (CSS) for styles on web page, and calling them in ColdFusion Pages Used ASP.NetCore2.0 to implement the APIs, Repository and transferred data through Entity Framework. Implemented client-side validation with ASP.NETcore validator controls such as required field validator, range validator, compare validator, regular expression validator and custom validators. Developed and enhanced. NETframework4.0, 4.5 Web API endpoints for consumption by Angular4 components. Created Angular4 components, implemented Interpolation, input variables, Bootstrapping, NgFor, NgIf, Router Outlet, binding the click event, Component decorator, binding to the hidden property. Leveraged Angular4 resources for all data access, encapsulating URLs and standardizing data access interfaces. Created custom directives for re-usable components (Multi-filed form elements, background file uploads etc.) Involved in developing ASP.NET application using MVC 5 design pattern.  Implemented Knockout bindings to load and passing data and load JSON files from server. Created WCF Services responsible for communicating and providing real time data from integrated server to Client Application. Implemented MVC design pattern for developing the Web Application and used MVC5 application using Razor syntax for view engine, also used C# for the back end.  Created RESTful services using ASP.NET Web API. Designed, developed and implementation of services using SOAPREST, creating REST services using ASP.NET Web API. Responsible for making AJAX Calls for the UI Interactions to the Controller Actions using jQuery and getting the data back as JSON and parsing it onto the UI.  Created Stored Procedures, Functions, and Triggers using SQL Server 2016 database to insert, update, and delete data inside tables.  Worked on JIRA for tracking and updating tickets and fixed the issues. Used Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) for version Control, source code control, project related document sharing and team collaboration.  Involved in testing like Unit test, Integration test, and Acceptance test using NUnit testing framework and responsible for writing test scripts and scenarios.  Actively participated in daily stand-up meetings, go-no-go meetings, and bi-weekly sprint meetings as part of Agile methodology. Environment: .Net Framework 4.5/4.0,, ASP.NET MVC 5.0, ASP.Net Core, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Angular 4, ColdFusion, Knockout JS, SharePoint, WCF, Web API, Visual Studio 2017, SQL Server 2016, Web services, IIS 7.0, and Team Foundation Server.
Personal Reflection: Problem Solving in the Workplace It is important for students to understand how their curriculum is applied to real world workplace environments. How what you are studying can or
program’s goals and curriculum on the UC Webpage and the UC Graduate Course Catalog: WHAT IS A MASTER’S IN IT? A master’s in IT is a graduate degree that builds on what you learned in your bachelor’s degree program and IT career. The program often attracts IT professionals with at least several years of experience. It offers the chance to explore a new direction in the field, build career-specific skills, or prepare for potential leadership opportunities.  As the information technology field expands, businesses may seek experts with advanced knowledge of IT management and leadership. In addition, there’s increased demand for professionals with skills in cloud computing, big data, information security, and other growing areas of IT. Earning your master’s in IT could be one way to stand out from the competition and gain an edge in your career. WHAT CAREERS CAN YOU DO WITH A MASTER’S IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY? For career paths such as computer and information research scientist, a master’s in information technology or a related field might be an entry-level requirement. For most other IT roles, earning a master’s degree could be a way to boost your credentials and build new skills. So, which IT professionals earn a master’s degree? 36% of Computer Network Architects 29% of Database Architects 17% of Computer Systems Engineers 17% of Systems Software Developers 16% of Applications Software Developers 14% of Computer and Information Systems Managers 14% of Computer Systems Analysts And many others Some IT pros earn a master’s to explore a new area of the information technology field or even pursue a career change. For instance, many information security analysts start out in another IT career path, such as network or computer systems administrator. After gaining experience and learning relevant skills, they attain a role in IT security. Earning a master’s may be the perfect way to bridge gaps in your skillset and take your career in a new direction. To learn about more careers, click here to view a career infographic.  IS A MASTER’S IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY WORTH IT? Pursuing an advanced degree is an investment in your future, and earning a master’s degree in IT from University may be worthwhile for a number of reasons: You could prepare for leadership opportunities. Many organizations prefer to hire IT managers—including Chief information officers (CIOs), IT directors, and IT security managers—who hold a graduate degree. These career paths may become increasingly complex as businesses rely even more on digital platforms and cloud computing. In addition, cyber security has become a growing concern, calling for expertise in protecting business technology from unauthorized access. Earning a master’s could help you prepare for these and other challenges and opportunities in a leadership role.  You could boost your earnings and job security. Master’s degree-holders earned a median annual salary of nearly $12,475 more than bachelor’s degree-holders in 2021. In addition, those with a master’s degree had an unemployment rate of just 2 percent, compared to 5 percent for the working population as a whole.    Earning a master’s doesn’t have to put your career on pause. The online master’s in Information Technology at University was designed for working adults. You can study in a flexible format, enhance your skillset, and prepare for new professional challenges—all while keeping your current job.  CURRICULUM AND DEGREE REQUIREMENTS If you’re searching for a master’s degree program that can help you take your IT career to the next level, you’ve found it. The Master of Science in Information Technology degree program from University offers the computer science, data intelligence, analytics, and security insights you need to prepare for exciting employment opportunities in virtually every sector of the economy.  Intended for those who have earned a baccalaureate degree and are working in the information systems and technology field, this online master’s degree in Information Technology will help you boost your credentials and accomplish your professional goals. UC’s Master of Science in Information Technology online degree program will prepare you to: Use predictive analytics to identify cyber threats and make data-driven policy changes Analyze issues involving data, cloud computing, systems, and organizational IT operations Recognize and prevent exploitation due to hardware, software, and network vulnerabilities Understand the functions of IT leadership roles across various fields and industries As the IT landscape continues to grow in new directions, a master’s program could help you grow along with it. If you’re ready to achieve more in the information technology field, we’re here to help you plan your next steps. Known for our high-quality IT programs, University has been named a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense (CAE-CD) by the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). There are just over 200 universities nationwide with CAE-CD designation, and only two other universities in Kentucky included in this elite group. Curriculum for the online master’s in Information Technology program will engage you in theories, strategies, and tactics for critical fields, including business intelligence, IT management and leadership, data mining, and information security. The 31-credit program requires 30 credit hours in core subjects such as Cloud Computing, Business Intelligence, and Data Mining.  An applied learning project caps off the program. One option is to complete an information technology project in which you evaluate a technology need, identify possible solutions, and choose the best course of action. Alternatively, you could pursue an applied learning practicum or internship. Core Courses – 30 Credit Hours Required ITS 530 – Analyzing and Visualizing Data ITS 531 – Business Intelligence ITS 532 – Cloud Computing ITS 630 – Organization Leadership and Decision Making ITS 631 – Operational Excellence ITS 632 – Introduction to Data Mining ITS 535 – System Analysis and Design ITS 536 – Human Computer Interaction and Usability ITS 537 – Information Technologies and Mobile Applications ITS 538 – Database Systems

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