Performance Appraisals

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Performance Appraisals Discussion # 4


A great many lawsuits have arisen because supervisors said or did something their employees believed adversely affected them. Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) laws require that all human resource practices be bias-free. Affirmative Action (AA) laws require an active effort to recruit, select, train, and promote members of protected groups. The evaluation process may be, and frequently is, lacking in ethical practice. Because of this, there are many who believe that organizations should do away with performance appraisals and evaluations.

Initial Post

Answer the following questions:

  • Should we have employee appraisals? Why do you feel this way?
  • Why do supervisors do performance appraisals?
  • Do you think they accomplish their intended goal while still being within the legal parameters of EEO and AA?
  • Do you believe an organization can have an effective performance appraisal process without sincerity and honesty?

First and Second Reply Posts

In your responses to your instructor and peers, compare and contrast your opinions, share additional experiences, ideas, or research. How else can supervisors provide feedback to their employees?

This is a graded discussion. Please make your posts by the due date assigned. Refer to the discussion rubric for grading details.

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